Business activity

Plant commodities | Industrial fertilizers | Feed materials | Plant protection products | Production and trade in certified seeds | Livestock | Fuels and lubricants

Business activity

The company Agro 2000 s.r.o. was founded in 2000. Since its inception. The company has specialized in trading in agricultural commodities. Our long-time specialization in business activities brought us strong personal connections with ditinguished entities. Active internationally in the agricultural sector. Thanks to this, we’re able to flexibly address the needs of our partners. We trade in agricultural commodities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany. Reliability is our priority.

Plant commodities

Trade in plant commodities is an important segment to us. We trade in all plant commodities - oil crops, grain crops, legumes, other special and small seeds (poppy, caraway, flax, mustard), and others.

215 000 mt
per year


We distribute all fertilizers. We trade nitrogen, phosphatic, and complex fertilizers. We have storehouses as well where we provide not only storage, but also mix and package fertilizers according to the cusomer´s special requirements.

55 000 mt
per year

Feed materials

The import and export of all feed materials, most importantly soya and oilseed rape meals, furthermore, we provide crude oils (oilseed rape, soya), oilseed rape expellers, granulated malt culms, pelleted artificially dried alfalfa, DDGS, extruded soya beans, and many other materials suitable for feed mixture production based on the customer´s requirements.

Plant protection products

We offer a wide range of plant protection products and leaf fertilizers. We guarantee delivery on the arranged date.


Trading in cattle for stock for breeding and fattening, within this segment, we trade in calves, stock for breeding/fattening of all breeds, alternatively inentire breeding holdings. We also provide expertise and services in the field of trading meatstock.

Fuels and lubricants

Direct distribution of diesel oil, petroleum, and light fuel oils.