Postharvest treatment and storing of agricultural commodities | Transfer and manipulation of commodities | Plant production consultancy | Drying in mobile dryers | Mobile feed mixture mixing rooms


In order to provide a full-range of services and support to our partners. We offer services related to our business activities.

Postharvest treatment of agricultural commodities

To our partners, we offer a postharvest treatment of commodities (drying, cleaning) at our company storehouses. We have storehouses in southern moravia, the Vysočina region, the Pardubice region, and the Zlín region.

Transfer and manipulation of commodities

If necessary, we provide transfer and manipulation of agricultural commodities supplied to our partners.

Storing agricultural commodities

Longterm storage of agricultural commodities at our company storehouses.

Plant production consultancy

We offer independent consultancy on the protection and nourishment of plant, evaluate sowing procedures with regard to solving the issues of erosion, and offer draft solutions. Our consultancy services also focus on variety agricultural engineering and technological adjustments with regard to addressing the issue of drought. At a demonstration farm, there’s a possibility of in-field consultations on the issue of erosions.

Drying in mobile dryers

Drying agricultural commodities in mobile dryers directly at our partner´s place of business.

Mobile feed mixture mixing rooms

The production is done according to your individual wishes and under your full control. Mixing ratio is 1:100 000. Processing by means of grating, preparation of full feed mixture for cattle, pigs, and poultry, using our own grains.